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Need answers

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My wife has put 2 conditions on my riding a bike again. The first is that I double my life insurance policy. That I can do.
The other is that I carry long term care insurance in the event that I become a quadriplegic. Long term care insurance is expensive.
What I want to know is this: What is the likelyhood that I will be perminantly disabled in a motorcycle crash. I read the Hurt Report back when I took the experienced rider course in 1991, but it didn't cover this.
The other question is, anyone know where I can get good rates on LTC insurance?
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Listen I am right there with you... We have been married for only 7 years now with a 2 year old and I want a bike and am getting a bke. It was an ordeal though to convince her. She realizes that i am doing what I can to minimize the risks. Classes, gear, books, training..etc... she has talked to others that ride and they tell her I am doing everythig the way i should. What we did do though is up my life insurance in case something happens. You just have to sit downa nd talk it out.. listen to what her real reasons are and tell her yours and make sure she listens to your views... We own some older cars (67 camaro and 67 mustang) and gettign caught in a collission with those on the interstate or major road would be distaterous (lap belts only) that metal does nto give. You can get killed walking down the street. you ahve to try to learn to minimize the risks and be smart about it... There are people who ride a year and get killed and those who ride for 40 and never get a major injury... Its all part of living life. I think if we all knew what was going to be around that next corner life would not be that fun to live. Living life without some risk is not really living life...

From merriam webster:

Living : to have a life rich in experience
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