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Need answers

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My wife has put 2 conditions on my riding a bike again. The first is that I double my life insurance policy. That I can do.
The other is that I carry long term care insurance in the event that I become a quadriplegic. Long term care insurance is expensive.
What I want to know is this: What is the likelyhood that I will be perminantly disabled in a motorcycle crash. I read the Hurt Report back when I took the experienced rider course in 1991, but it didn't cover this.
The other question is, anyone know where I can get good rates on LTC insurance?
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Sounds as though your wife has a big problem with you wanting to ride a bike at all. Perhaps you should try to work that out instead of looking for expensive insurance. After all, what do you think she'll demand after the first time you drop the bike? And you will, if you ride long enough.

Is this her only problem, or do you need her permission, and have to meet unreasonable demands, to do anything you want to do? If so, you're headed for a long and unhappy life - trust me. been there done that with wife #1.

Fortunately, my current wife has no problem with me riding, or with my other hobby (handguns), or when I decided late in life to become a police officer. Of course, I made sure she understood they were just things I did before we got serious.
Your last sentence says it all, my friend.

I think it's interesting you mention the CCW permit. Are you allowed to have guns in the house? Do you actually carry? I frequent several gun-related forums and can't count the number of times this issue comes up. My wife was once also a competitive shooter like me and is comfortable with handling guns and having them around. She doesn't mind that I carry, but doesn't see the need for it either. She often works late by herself at our small-town library, but all I can convince her to carry is OC (pepper spray). I don't understand the mindset of such people (her included).
Yes, I second that suggestion. Your wife seems to have some serious issues. Motorcycles and handguns are only the symptoms.
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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