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Need Exhaust advice for GS500 - PLEASE!!

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Hello All...I'm in the process of building a streetfighter out of my GS500. Does anyone know of a good exhaust system? I'd like a Yoshimura, but I don't believe that Yoshimura makes one to fit the GS500. Need help...don't want to sound like I'm riding a moped this summer!! :cry:
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Thanks for the website!!
My GS is a 1999, just got it in October. It's my first bike...I only got to ride it for two days before it got too cold here to ride anymore (Minnesota), so I've just been working on it all winter. I've got about every piece of gear and accessory possible, now I just need time in the seat!!! :lol:
Winter? Not here! Must be close to 90 degrees today! Did an early morning ride in the Santa Monica Mountains along the coast today. Had to lose the jacket liner. to hot. Hope your weather lets you out to ride soon.
Too Hot!?!? So jealous! :cry: What made your wife stop riding? How long had she ridden? I'm extremely happy with the GS500 and would recommend it to anyone. I was so intimidated by other bikes that I sat on and it made me start to question my desire to ride...until I sat on the GS500. I'll work on posting pics soon! :)
Besides she says I'm to slow anyhow
:lol: That's a huge bummer about her bike. I'll remember that story if someone asks to borrow my bike! Well, I think it's cool that you're looking for a new bike for her. My boyfriend is the one who got me into riding. His whole family rides and last summer I always rode with him everywhere, but I started to look for my own bike in the fall. I had my heart set on the GS 500, but couldn't find one. My boyfriend called me one day and told me to come meet him down at a local bike shop to check out two GS 500's they had. I met him, and was sitting on one. He asked if I liked it and like the color, etc. I did. He said, "Good because we're bringing it home tomorrow!" Needless to say, he's a keeper!! :)
OOoooooooh, rock on!! That looks like it might be perfect! I especially like that it says "Supersport Performance Exhaust Systems are quieter than the race systems, yet maintain the legendary performance Vance & Hines is famous for. " I wanted something to give some added performance and make it sound more like a motorcycle, without feeling like my neighbors are going to curse the day I moved into the neighborhood like I know they do when my boyfriend's bike pulls in the driveway. (he's got a 1200 bandit with Yosh exhaust) Awesome, Thanks Gixxerdale!!
Or are you keeping control of the computer all day! :wink:
:) Yeah, that's just about it! Actually I use my laptop that I also use for work, so he does have very limited access to it. It's our plan to build an actual office in the house and get a regular desktop computer. When that happens, I'm sure I'll never be able to get on anymore!! :lol: Thank you for the info on the Vance & Hines dealer. I told my boyfriend about the exhaust and he mentioned that I might have to get my bike "jetted" if I put it on. I've heard that term before and I know he's got some sort of "jet kit" or whatever on his bike. Do you know what that is? :?:
As far as PC access, we networked our house and run 3 desktops on our cable modem. Pretty sad! We IM each other if we need something! But then it is 3 storys. I just net to put a network connection in the garage, and then I'll never come insige!
Funny...Instant Message...."honey, bring me a beer please!"...

i had a cobra f1s slip-on on my 89 gs500 it sounded great and it cleared up the flat spot in the powercurve on the bottom end..
which option do you think is better? Full system vs. Slip on???? How much extra cost on top of the system would the jetting cost? My boyfriend seems to think that I'll only have this bike for 1-2 seasons and that I'll want something bigger after that (probably so I can keep up with his and his brother's bandit and his dad's Fj!!) Any thoughts?
If your main bike is down for some reason, PMS sets in fast, Parked Motorcycle Syndrome. I can go 5 days max(Monday to Friday), then I need about 300 miles to take the edge off me and the tires. I don't know how riders in snow country can do it!
:lol: :lol: :lol: I laughed out loud at that one!!! I'll plan on looking into the full system. Theres a local bike shop that I trust and know a lot of the guys that work there. Might even be able to get a deal on the rejet stuff...and my boyfriend should be able to install the new exhaust. You'd be surprised how long the hard core riders last out here...even once it starts to get cold. Even after I got my bike, the two days I was out it was 37 degrees out and I was riding around practicing until my fingers went numb! Last year my boyfriend rode his bike at least once or twice a month, even all through the winter. The only problem is that the roads are sandy and people aren't used to seeing motorcycles, so it's a bit more dangerous to be out on the roads becuase of that. :evil:
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