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Need Exhaust advice for GS500 - PLEASE!!

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Hello All...I'm in the process of building a streetfighter out of my GS500. Does anyone know of a good exhaust system? I'd like a Yoshimura, but I don't believe that Yoshimura makes one to fit the GS500. Need help...don't want to sound like I'm riding a moped this summer!! :cry:
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SuzukiGirl1 said:
As far as PC access, we networked our house and run 3 desktops on our cable modem. Pretty sad! We IM each other if we need something! But then it is 3 storys. I just net to put a network connection in the garage, and then I'll never come insige!
Funny...Instant Message...."honey, bring me a beer please!"...

i had a cobra f1s slip-on on my 89 gs500 it sounded great and it cleared up the flat spot in the powercurve on the bottom end..
which option do you think is better? Full system vs. Slip on???? How much extra cost on top of the system would the jetting cost? My boyfriend seems to think that I'll only have this bike for 1-2 seasons and that I'll want something bigger after that (probably so I can keep up with his and his brother's bandit and his dad's Fj!!) Any thoughts?
i would go with the slip-on with the bike just having about 37hp. your not going to gain that much more with a full system and i didn't have to jet with just a slip-on. it made the bike run almost perfect...
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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