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Need help w/ gear

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Hello all,

I'm pretty sure personal preferences will play a big role in the responses, but I need some help.

I need a jacket; armor makes sense to me. Have been looking online.

I like some of the Joe Rocket stuff.
Is it a good idea to buy online without having tried the jacket on?
Are there any brands to stay away from?
There's always ebay ......

(Oh, yeah - my ride is a '97 Kat)

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Have to agree - you need to try the jacket on and make sure it fits properly. This isn't just a "fashion thing" - those protectors won't protect you unless they are where they belong when you need them! If your gear doesn't fit properly, the protector may be too high or to low to properly protect you from the impact.

If you are short on cash, then go to a shop, try on some different jackets and see what fits (noting the manufacturer and size), then go home and try to order exactly those items online. If you are lucky, it'll work. (Haven't tried this ... since there are lots of affordable shops around here).
I work in Basel, I live about 20km south-east in Canton Basellandschaft.

Yes, Basel is a nice town ... it would be even nicer if it would STOP RAINING! It's been pouring all day, but they are predicting that it'll dry up tomorrow before it starts raining again on Thursday. I guess tomorrow will be my last ride before cleaning up "Suzi" and putting her to sleep for the winter :cry:
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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