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Need help with a RF 600

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Got hold of a 95 600 RF. Engine would start, now it won't fire. Engine trys to turn but just won't crank. Where do I start?
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Ok, finally got in there good this morning. Can't get the spark plugs out because I can't reach them with my sockets. So I'm going to borrow some from a friend this afternoon.
Gas is fresh. Just noticed a slight leak from the fuel filter. How crucial is this to getting it to crank?
Battery is charged. I also have a jump box in case.
Kill switch is in the correct position. Starter sounds like it is turning the engine but it will not fire up. I'm suspecting that the plugs may be fouled?
Thanks for the reply, I'm gonna get back on it tomorrow (I've been at work today :cry: )

The engine is not turning it seems. Could I try and push it off, or will this do damage?
Thanks for the suggestions. 8)
Yes, it had been sitting for about 4 weeks. It's not my only bike. I got this bike for $500 if I can get it running. If not, its going back to the owner.
I'm planning on getting it running as my primary stunt bike. :oops:
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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