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Need help

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I have 89 katana 600 and don't know where this hose goes can anyone help me thanks


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The shape of it may help. try the exploded view some on line part sellers use.
It looks like a PCV assembly.
Where would that go
I don't know.
But typically a PCV pipe goes from the top of the crankcase to the air cleaner housing.
Maybe look for a fitting that takes a nipple like the one on the end of the pipe plus that other fitting looks like it would fit into an airbox...there has to be an obvious point that it fits into....check around the airbox see if you can find one part where one end goes the length and shape will help determine where it will reach.
..there has to be an obvious point that it fits into....
One would think.
This is one of those questions that I just don't understand.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts