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need help

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I'm looking to buy a mid size bike like a 600 or so (mind you i've never owned a street bike). Here is the catch i'm fairly good size and want something that is going to be comfortable for me.
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Four tips:

1. Read some of the recent threads. This is likely the most common question on this forum. Check the sportbike category, too.

3. Tell us more about you. How can we possibly give you advice on the two sentences you've offered?

C. Use a more descriptive thread title. Most of us don't like to have to open a thread to find out what it's about. Unless, that is, it's a surprise. In which case, feel free to be vague.

2. Notice that I only have 3 real tips. :D

5. Welcome to the forum.
I spent a lot of time sitting on the Bandit before I bought it. The guy at the dealership probably thought I was a wanker. That's how you know for sure, though.

And thanks for the ringing endorsement, U.B. :p
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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