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Hello Dear Rider Friends.
I am a new rider and I am planning to buy a bike. I am in love with

Hayabusa and I am saving enough to buy one.

I have many friends telling me to start off with a 600. However, I don't want any other bike other than a Hayabusa.

My questions is "Do you think, I can handle Busa (If I be really careful) ??????" I accept the fact that I need to ride around the corner for months and months.

Because I know that If I get a 600, I will never have enough money (time to sell the 600) to get a Hayabusa. At the same time I don't want to lose a limb or live a vegtable life too b/c of a crash with Hayabusa..
But even if there is a small chance of me getting away with a Busa as a starter, I would like to take it...

That is why I would like to get your opinion and I will definately respect and take your advices...

Thank You Very Much NomadTurk ..
:D [/b][/img]

Dear Nomad,

Please, please, I beg of you, do not make a Hyabusa your first bike. I too, have many times sworn to 'be a good boy and ride slowly and sanely', but you might want to admit to yourself just why you want a bike that is twice as powerful as anyone will ever need for street riding. Face it. You want it because it's the hottest thing around. Mark my words. You will not be content to ride around like granny on downers. Do us all a favor. Start small (I wouldn't even recommend a bike as big as a 600 for a starter).

Live long and prosper.

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I wish I would have found this site before I bought my first back 2 weeks ago. I bought a 2003 GSXR 1000. Reading what I have I would have stayed away. The bike is awesome, it is just more bike than I should be buying as a first bike. The dealer kept telling me if I respect the bike the bike will respect me, and all will be ok. this may be true, I just fear the day I think, let me emphasis the I think part, that I think I am getting comfortable on this bike. I love the bike, it is fun to ride, but it wants to perform and all I do at this point is nurse it around. I would probably be having a lot more fun on a different bike had I had some good advice ahead of time.

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GIAAAD....don't some people lack common sense...

no offense, but read any other thread where someone asks about the hayabusa for their first bike...... I mean, shoot, a 16 year old asking about getting a Bugatti 16/4 Veyron as their first car would be smarter than someone wanting to start motorcycles with a hayabusa....

like wasions said... be it with a car, or moto or whatever....there's always the temptation to "see what this baby can do" careful as you may pretend you will be, there will always be that one day when you want to see how fast it will go, or how fast it will get to the speed limit (yeah right) don't want that day to be your last...

and then think about it....if you say you're gonna "be careful", then what is the point of all the extra horsepower anyways?? might as well save your $$$$$ and get something you may be more capable of handling. And i would say, if you don't want a bike other than the hayabusa, then get a car :p

something i find funny....usually it's the newbs asking to get the hayabusa as a first bike, while those with experience tell them to stay away since they themselves would stay away from something like that...

Hah! let a newb top that reply :p


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NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! How many times can this happen in one week? It MUST be a joke!

Hmm, let me see... yeah, get it, why not. There's always free food at funerals, and I'm hungry.

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G'day NomadTurk,

My two bobs (20c) worth.

I guess you mean "first" bike and not "first big bike".

If you mean "first" big bike, hooley dooley, are you Captain Insano! (I do not mean that comment as an insult - please read on)

My "first" bike was a clapped out 1981 Honda CB250, and you know what? I absolutely love that bike. Some of my friends (rider and non-rider alike) have bagged the $%!^ out of me for it, but prior to owning it I had never ridden a bike before it. The bike was big (in physical size, not power), comfortable and most important of all, most forgiving. Because of the cheese cutter tyres, speeds around 90km/h were hairy (could only go that fast on a down hill - topped 80km/h on the flat). Apart from higher speeds, an excellent bike to "learn" on.

When I passed my riding test, I didn't ride for a while as my bike wasn't in the town where I lived. My desire to upgrade was enormous. I had been doing some looking around.

The local Suzuki/Honda/KTM/Ducati has an excellent range of recent model second hand bikes in stock. I went by a few times as I was lovestruck by a black/silver/red 2001 GSXR1000.

One of the dealers had offered me one of their demo Honda CBR600RR for a test ride. I have dealings with most facets of the motor trade in Wagga Wagga, and I knew the dealer reasonably well.

Holy $%!^, Batman! My first ride on a bigger bike (and "only" a 600?), and I near crapped my daks!!!! When I hit a bump, the bike took off (no control by me.....). Around town, I looked the complete dork (not consequential, I know), I had no idea at all. When I got out of town and opened it up a bit, the bike had a whole different feel. Even though the bike felt heaps more stable (which it was) at 100km/h(ish) than around town, I knew on this "600", my world could turn to $%!^ real fast if I wasn't on my game. I am a dude with mimimal motorcycling experience, I have bugger all game.

So after that experience, when I next went back to the dealership with my desire (albeit a bit dented) for a slick roadbike, the dealer gently moved me away from the GSXR1000. The bike shop had a 2000 model GSXR750 on consignment with low K's on it. Low and behold, it was the bike I did end up buying, and the words of the dealer as I left was "JUST -BE - CAREFUL!" Before leaving, the dealer went over everything with the bike, with strong emphasis that the throttle did not need as much as the ol' CB250. I see where he was coming from, and appreciate it, I wish there were more dealers out there like this bloke. This was the reason he sent me out on the 600 (albeit a bloody quick one) for a test ride, was to show me that a 600 can be what you want as much as a litre bike.

My first few days were "oh $%!^, what have I done!" I was not prepared in any sense of the word. After a while though, I started to enjoy it. Thanks to a good friend in another town who has been riding since day dot, he went over a few things that now makes the experience of riding my bike that much more enjoyable. Having just said that comment though does not make me any expert by the imagination, and I have many years of learning ahead of me.

Please don't be like me and put the "cart before the horse". I was determined to get a roadbike, I have become so immersed into bikes that I sold my current model Ford Falcon ute (for US and Canadian readers not familiar w/ Aussie cars, take a Ford Taurus and turn it into a pickup truck) for my bike. I am lucky I did not step up to 1 litre + for my first big bike.

Nomad, it is not my intention to be a motorbike nazi and tell you not to do this. If you have minimal motorcycle experience, IMHO a Hayabusa (yes they are God-awsome looking bit of kit) would be a bad move. If you do go ahead anyway, just do all the courses you can that are available, and prepare yourself as best you can. I guarantee you will $%!^ your pants if you are not ready for this bike. Respectful of it or not. Get a plan. Get some skills. Then get a bike.

Stwilli, if you lived over here in Oz, I could have put you onto a good bunch of folks at The Stable at Wagga, service and advice top notch. Mate, I can see where you are at, as I WANTED WANTED WANTED a GSXR1000 myself. Everytime I see one (as well as every other bike that goes past) I just lust, ooooooooo, hot dirty filthy lust. But, that's a later on down the track bike for Reesyboy. Maybe some courses on lower cap bikes to tighten up the skills, and to put the fun back into it???? I hope you get the zen thing happening with your bike soon anyway.

For all you good people who have read this, sorry about my long winded "War and Peace" reply. Particularily those who have read my similar comments elsewhere. I hope I'm not a broken record :wink: It's just that I consider myself as a new rider still, and the experience is still fresh for me (but not in my pants at times :shock: )

There maybe some who have done what Nomad has done and disagree with what I have said. I do understand that some people pick things up faster than others. Those who have treaded the path Nomad wishes to take and are still kicking on, good for you. I aint telling Nomad what to do or how to live his life, just an offer of an opinion that hopefully puts him on the right track (no pun intended - maybe :p ).

Nomad, just be safe, whichever way you go.

Stay upright


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Not only is it far too powerful as a first bike (personally I am concerned about others on the site that talk of getting 600cc sports bikes) you won't enjoy it nearly as much as riding a bike that is within your capabilities.
Take the advice of the others on the site and give the funeral directors a quiet day.

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Hayabusa ! Cool ! You must put a turbo on it otherwise it's not going to kick *ss !

Don't forget to change the pipes and get a power commander, would suggest a Nitrous setup for those days when stupid fast just isn't crazy enough.

Oh, BTW please put me down as your beneficiary.

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Hiya Nomadturk, 8)

If you want to become another statistic :?: by all means get the bike eating Hayabusa for a first bike and put everybody in this forum on your will. As you can read the Hayabusa is a little eccentric for a beginner and would get you killed, maimed, F.U.B.A.R, disfigured, or seriously injured take your pick and see what you would live with.

Take your friends advice and start w/a 600cc as your first bike. You need some serious riding time under your seat before your Hybusa King, Buy a bike you can handle instead of it handling you straight to the grave :( w/a short life span...

Ride safe... Learn, Learn, Learn... live long and prosper 8)

Merc... 8)
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