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need someones opinion....

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My name is Yesenia - I'm a first time rider I took the riders course and got my license and now i need to find a bike suitable for a starter?

I have my eye on the 2004 does that sound?? or The 2004 Yamaha YZF600 which one do you think is good for a chic.

thanks -
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the sv has a lot of potential that most newbee's will never touch. A girl I know(Misty) ZRaces an SV650 and she absolutly rocks, known all over the place, she is simply amazing, and the bike takes what she can throw at it. Something calmer for a new rider would be advisable, I can't belive I'm sayint this, seeing as I did my road test on a 2002 gixxer750, and I now own a 2002gixxer1000. I'm just a little nuts thats all.
NEVER, I'm just trying to make sure that unless people have the uncanny natural ablity that a lot, everyone I ride with, people tell me I have, that they stick to a bike that will keep them alive long enough to truly enjoy the whole biking world. Yes I know I have wicked bad sentence structure, but deal with it. I wrote off my first GIXXER as most here know. After all was said and done, I had a sore shoulder for 2 weeks and no scratches to speek of. The bike however, was totally messed. The front rim was broken clean through and one of 3 spokes broke off as well. The front forks were bent, the tire got stuffed int the rad and the frame was bent. The upper fairing exploded off the bike, the right side fairing was torn off, along with the tail section got shattered. tank was dented, masivly, the bike was so bad, when I took it to the cop shop the next day, in the back of my truck, the cop looked at me. "you couldn't have been on this, who was riding it?" I told him that it was me on the bike, he looked at the bike again and said, with his eyes bugging out of his head, " and you can still walk, god damn you're lucky" you know what? I was really lucky. I've got a scuff on my left sleeve of my jacket, and that's my only momento of the incedent. My helmet never even touched anything, even as the bike went over me in the air, I got really really lucky, don't let this happen to you. Then I went and bought a gixxer 1000 the next week. Don't worry, it doesn't make sence to me either, now I'm leathal on that thing. Hardly touchable, and I love it. Sorry about the length of the post. If you'r a woman you'll never hear me say that again LOL 8)
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someone needs to relax a whole lot, god complex, never. I don't think I'm all that good, but a few of the guys that I ride with are amazing racers, on the track. I asked a bunch of the boyz and girlz that I ride with what they thought about my riding on another web site. Everyone responded in a positive manner, commments from I love riding with you, you are one of the smoothest guys I know. To comment like wow, you really finess that bike into doing what ever you want it to, and you never go beyone 100% controll. Another guy I ride with, who is on a 2002 954, was leading, trying to drop me and in the process broke off his foot peg feelers, (the gixxer never touched anything but rubber) and I never moved off his tail. I never claimed to be the best, yes I am pretty damn good, but I'll never claim to be the best. If you were actually capable of reading, you would have seen the numerous mentioning of "LUCK" in my post. Another question for you, what was the reason for my post, was it to say I have a god complex, NO, I belive it was to hepl others out and to say that I got extreamly lucky, and don't let this happen to you. And my friends that may just be lousy riders, they include a guy that rode infront of me with a cast on his right foot, that he had to stick forward on right hand turns, off the peg so he didn't rub it on the ground. Another one of my friends who also races, can lose me aon almost any road with his left hand on the back of his helmet the entire way. he races a 98 cbr 900, he is a bike mechanic and spent 5 years putting the bike together the way he wanted it.

And a note to uncle Bob, drama no, I'd have to be concerned to creat drama, I know what I said and because someone took it the wrong way, that doesn't bother me at all
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check out It'll take a while to get a serious responce, I'm a total smart ass and get a lot of razzing. Once you get a real opinion from people who know me, you will know.
get a clue and talk facts or just keep silent please. That is just an opinion, one that we do not share.
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