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need someones opinion....

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My name is Yesenia - I'm a first time rider I took the riders course and got my license and now i need to find a bike suitable for a starter?

I have my eye on the 2004 does that sound?? or The 2004 Yamaha YZF600 which one do you think is good for a chic.

thanks -
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I'll give you an opinion - don't post in giant blue. :wink: Welcome to the forums, and congrats on your license and training.

Both bikes are high performance machines. Mature riders with experience will tell you to look to something a little less rocket-like for a first. You can get in trouble too easily on either. They'll also tell you it's foolish to buy a brand new bike. People have the misconception that they won't fall down if they're careful. Just ask around to find out how untrue that is. You will fall off. It's just a matter of how well your body is protected (you have a good jacket and gloves, right?), and how much plastic you have to replace.

The SV is a bike people often use as a trackday bike - it's that good. The YZF makes a lot of power, too. Many people will claim to have the restraint to keep the throttle at bay, but for most the urge becomes too great.

Here's a link to one woman's opinion. I'm sure there are many.

I'd look at the GS500. It has good ergos and good handling, and it's widely recognized as a great starter and more. Here's a second (and third, and fourth testimonial). You might also read the other recent thread on the same topic, if you haven't already. It's along the same lines.

Being a woman you might be reluctant to post your size, and that's always a factor, of course. You don't want to be tippy-toeing it as a beginner, and a heavy bike is a recipe for disaster, too.

BTW, it's "chick", not "chic", although you might be a "chic chick". :lol: Man, do the emoticons stink on this board.

Good riding,

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Some good points above that I hadn't considered, either.

ExcitedJoy, are you still with us, or did you find a squid site to talk you into that supersport? :p
So, you claim you're the shiznit, and your friends (who may just be lousy riders) tell you that you're good, but do you have any real evidence? Sounds to me like your lucky crash has gotten you a bit of a god complex going. Could be trouble.

I thought I was a good driver, too, until I took the Mustang to an autocross event. Now I know otherwise.
Ok, ok, all's good. I just happen to think that if someone's a decent rider, and they know it, and their friends know it, there's no reason to go talking big about yourself. You just seemed a little self-inflated, if you know what I mean. I can read quite well, BTW, and there's really only one way to take talk like that.

If you're really that good, someone else will tell us about you. :wink:
I steer clear of the sport bike forums. Too many punk squids who with 6 month life expectancies and big mouths.
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