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I own a 2009 Kawasaki KLX140L that is about to go out of its 6 month warranty. Not long after I purchased this motorcycle, along with my son’s 2012 KLX110L, I started to notice a problem in the engine. After riding the bike for 45 minutes or so, the engine will start to produce a very high pitched noise in fifth gear. I knew this was not right
I immediately started to do online research. It turns out this is a known problem with a few 2008 to 2009 Kawasaki KLX 140L’s. Then I decided to give the Kawasaki dealer a call about it. They told me that I would have to authorize an engine teardown for them to diagnose the problem. That means that if Kawasaki does not honor the warranty claim, I would have to pay for the shop time. There was no way I am about to do that with a motorcycle that has a reproducible issue that is not normal and under warranty.
So, I decided to call Kawasaki Customer Service to see if they will stand behind their product. That conversation did not go very well. Basically the girl on the other end of the phone said that Kawasaki will not authorize a warranty claim without the dealer first making the diagnosis. What this really means is if the dealer was to make a diagnosis, there is still no guarantee Kawasaki will honor the warranty.
So, I am left with what I feel to be a lemon. Also, the fact that the burden is put on me to possibly pay for the work the dealer has to do to diagnose a problem with a motorcycle that is under warranty.
So I am writing this message as a warning, don’t go there and don’t rely on Kawasaki to stand behind its products. Before you buy a new motorcycle, do your research first. Find out who is willing to stand behind their products, even if you have a minor problem. You better make sure your motorcycle has blown up and not running when you take it in under warranty. Even then, I doubt Kawasaki would honor the warranty. This is the kind of customer service you will get from Kawasaki. The dealer will do nothing for you if Kawasaki does not honor the warranty. This probably holds true for any motorcycle manufacturer, but I can honestly say I have owned all the other brands, Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki and have never had to deal with something like this with those motorcycles.
Here’s the conclusion I’ve come to. If it’s running, they are not going to honor any warranty engine (issues). It better be broke completely down. If you’re lucky, they might honor the warranty. Folks, there is a reason why these motorcycle warranties are only 6 months. But really a Kawasaki warranty is pretty much useless. Stay away from Kawasaki if you can. Do not trust what a dealer tells you about Kawasaki. Do not trust any warranty or implied warranty they might tell you Kawasaki has, it is totally worthless.
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