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New bike needs tweaking

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I'm a new old rider, when i moved to FL 17 years ago I gave up my bike because of the heat, when i turned 40 last Oct. midlife crisis kicks in and I bought a new 03 600 Katana. Now that old memories are coming back I'm looking for ways or ideas on how to tweak this bike for both speed and looks. Starting easy to begin with and progressing from there. Any help would be greatly appreciated on my part. As in fav. sites online to buy aftermarket add on's or whatever I'm open to anything at this point. Everything on the bike is stock now.
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well i would reccomend getting an exhaust and maybe a jet kit personally i prefer being loud espically in south florida where theres alot of senior citizens that beleive they are god when driving. if your just trying to turn heads tho there are many options such as neon lights, alarm/remote starters/blue xenon headlights/ but hey if its a true midlife crisis you could strap wings on it and install a 5000 hp concord jet engine on it check out the guys at:

they usually have some good ideas for katanas
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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