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New bike needs tweaking

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I'm a new old rider, when i moved to FL 17 years ago I gave up my bike because of the heat, when i turned 40 last Oct. midlife crisis kicks in and I bought a new 03 600 Katana. Now that old memories are coming back I'm looking for ways or ideas on how to tweak this bike for both speed and looks. Starting easy to begin with and progressing from there. Any help would be greatly appreciated on my part. As in fav. sites online to buy aftermarket add on's or whatever I'm open to anything at this point. Everything on the bike is stock now.
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I'm not a fan of really loud pipes myself, I kinda like that Ferarri sound the bike makes when I pull up. Although I am going to add a new exhaust as one of my first changes, just not going for that extra loud one, just makes me think of a 4 cyl honda accord with a tin can on the back :lol:
I agree with all of the above, I'm all into improving my old almost forgotten skills again before I go way over board. I'm going for the easy "tweaks" to start with. First off is a new saddle from Corbin..taking the advice of another person on the forum. Along with that I'm taking off my rear fender as suggested. But need to figure out what to do with the turn signals. Also along with these first upgrades are new grips. My right fingers tend to fall asleep.. but only my right ones. Riding with gloves seem to help a little but I'm sure some better grips should solve most of those quirks.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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