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New Bike??

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I have just started to get interested in bikes, i am getting my temps in a couple days and i am going to take a safety course. I am looking to buy a new bike to start out on, i want something new and fast but not something I am going to kill my self on. I was looking at the Kat 600's and the gsx-r 600 or maby even a bandit. Any comments or suggestions for a beginner?

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yeah if you have never ridden .. 600 is ALOT of torque .... :shock:
Gixxerdale said:
Sorry, my PC has the hickups!
ahh man im just messin with ya .. .but yeah man if you have never ridden .... listen to the guys , they know best

im about to go ride!! hehehhe :wink:
1 - 2 of 25 Posts
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