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New Bike??

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I have just started to get interested in bikes, i am getting my temps in a couple days and i am going to take a safety course. I am looking to buy a new bike to start out on, i want something new and fast but not something I am going to kill my self on. I was looking at the Kat 600's and the gsx-r 600 or maby even a bandit. Any comments or suggestions for a beginner?

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thx, bye too much torque do you meen i could easily pop it up and flip backwards? How many CC's do beginners usualy start off at? Cuz you know i want somethin sporty but too powerful, know what i meen?
yea thats the thing, i meen i dont want to sound like a complete amature, but i kind of am, i dont really know what bikes have high hp, and low torque and all that, i was hopin yall could give me a little on all that kinda stuff
im off to class tommorow, thanks a lot though guys...i will prob have more questions in the future haha, thx again for the info though!!! :D
thanks a bunch to all. Do yall recommend buying a new 04 bike (i have money to do so) or just find me a used one that i can crash and mess up on...i meen is it THAT hard, to the point where im goin to be fallin over and everything?
haha...couple more questions :p ....what exactly is a fairing? it ne thing like ridin a quad...cuz i got me a suzuki sport quad which you pretty awsome at..?

I was also lookin at some used bikes...what is decently low - average mileage for a bike?
1 - 6 of 25 Posts
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