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New Brunswick Chapter - Suzuki Bikes

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We had a New Brunswick chapter of Suzuki Bikes meeting on Saturday . We tried to have elections for chapter executive but we kept getting ties so we gave up and went for a ride. Hunter and I did about 140 km in 40 degree weather. Great ride but a little chilly.

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Gixxerdale said:
Twins! :mrgreen:

I think we need a SoCal Chapter, but I'd have to stop riding long enough to put it together. Don't know that I could do that!

SUre you can. After you filled in the proper paperworks (form A-14), in 3 copies, sent a copy to Uncle Bob, another to me, and the other to the monkey.
Well, you need form B-12 to get form A-14. Do you have it? No? Ask the clerk down the hall! :mrgreen:
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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