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New Gixxer girl here..hey ya'll! :D

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k..i already posted a couple times..but this is my "official" I'm new thread! hehe so...HI! happy to be here. and yes...i have a couple pics..not of me on my new bike yet..but some of me on the bike that inspired me to get one :) i miiiiight post em up..if you guys are nice... ;) lol..i'm such a tease. I got a 2005 gxs-r 750 and while it's not my first motorcyle... i am a newbie to sportbikes..and i will be sure and be really careful :) far so good!

so far i think my fav guy on here might be Pihny as he has an rx-8 also! rotaries rule!!!
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SuzukiGirl1 said:
Welcome!! I'll say it first so that these guys don't scare you away w/ the "leg-humping"...;)

Post those pics!! :)
Us? Never! Where are you getting your information SG1?

:welcomes: :biker:
SuzukiGirl1 said:
I always like to get more women on this forum and we've got quite a few really great women (and of course men!) around here...but if all you're trying to do is get a leg-humping orgy going on, this isn't the right place.

Stick around and let's talk about bikes. Post some pics of you on YOUR bike (with GEAR on) and you'll get a lot more respect from me and from the rest of the people around here.
On that note, where's Janis these days? Probably to busy at the Euro Tracks for us ! :evil:
SuzukiGirl1 said:
Alright 7fiddy...

Did your ex teach you how to ride?
How tall are you? Isn't the 750 tall? Are you on your tip toes when sitting at stop lights? I've sat on a Gixxer before and I found them pretty dang tall for my stature.

What's the longest ride you've had so far? Favorite road?

Post some pics of YOUR bike, so that we can check it out.
I saw those same pics a year or two ago as well. On a Busa forum in Arizona. :roll:
Go ReGina!

Hmmm..... speaking of pics lately? ;-)
inspiron said:
Party pooper :lol: :mrgreen:
Ya, get back in the ring! :mrgreen: j/k
I did find her fan club online! Lots of pics. That's all I'll say!
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