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New helmet, finally

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Well, I was passing of the leather store which also carries motorcycle leathers as well as some helmets. I figured I'd stop to have a look. I got out of there with a HJC AC-11 Maximus.

It's raining today :pissed: , so I'll post my first impression a little later.

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Nice looking helmet Louis. I've had several HJC helmets over the years. Only problem I ever encounterd was the visors loosen or wear and will open when looking over your shoulder. Pretty frustrating when you do it a lot in LA traffic. Shoei and Arai lock closed, but even unlocked they haven't blown open on me yet.

What's this rain crap you mentioned? I've got the air conditioning on high today. It's up in the 90's here! :twisted:
To many things to do around the house today! :evil:
Then I have to work tomorrow! :evil: :evil:
Guess I'll have to be sick of work this week and go for a ride while everyone else is working! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
c50tiger said:
nice lid, Louis - and do you really drink ginger ale or was the can just there to remind everyone where you're from? :)
It has to be a prop! Same with the calculator! He just bought a new bike and gear. Why does he needa calculator. He's broke! Oh, it's his wifes! That explains a lot! :mrgreen: J/K Louis!
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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