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New helmet, finally

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Well, I was passing of the leather store which also carries motorcycle leathers as well as some helmets. I figured I'd stop to have a look. I got out of there with a HJC AC-11 Maximus.

It's raining today :pissed: , so I'll post my first impression a little later.

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Well, the ginger ale is my wife's and the calculator I used to calculate the angles on the rafters for the doghouse I'm gonna build with the wood left over from the fence work. Geez, good thing I didn't post the picture of me wearing the helmet. My wife was in the background in scanty lingerie...

Now can we concentrate on my new lid. ;)
c50tiger said:
nice lid, Louis - and do you really drink ginger ale or was the can just there to remind everyone where you're from? :)
Tiger, back home, we had Saguenay Dry. Can't find this in Ottawa. Why did we have Saguenay Dry in the first place? It's because Canada Dry wasn't selling as we consider ourselves Quebecers and NOT Canadians. Same reason why Molson Canadian wasn't even sold in Quebec. Of course now that Coors and Molson are one, Molson Canadian doesn't exist anymore either.
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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