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New Here...GS550E problems...

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Hey all!
Me and my girlfriend just bought ourselves our first bike to learn on. Its a 78' Suzuki GS550E...dont was only $300 candian and we figured it would be a good learners bike. Body is in awesome shape.

Ok, heres the prob:
Bike sat for 2 years, ran perfectly before. Now, i drained the tank and put in new gas, plugs and oil. So, while cranking the bike, it will start after a little reluctance... but gas is pouring out from the bottom of the bike.

I checked all the fuel lines and they are near new. The gas is coming from one of the (i dont know what they are, im assuming theyre vent tubes) coming off one of the 4 carbs. (Each carb has a fuel line, and then a line that is rounted out of the bottom of the carb to the undercarriage of the bike.

Out of the four "vent tubes" at the bottom of the bike, the fuel is only coming out one of the four. I followed the line up, an its coming from carb #3 (if counting the carbs from the left side of the bike)

I dont know what to think, possibly that the old gas has clogged on of the needles and seats in that carb and now the gas is overflowing and draining out the vent tube. I sprayed carb cleaner in the intake while it was running but no difference.

Any help please!
Please dont ignore this due to it being an older bike :(

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It could be old fuel gumming up the works, or the needles simply need to be replaced. I wouldnt doubt it if the pilot jets were clogged as well.
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