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New M50/M95 Brocure

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Just picked up new M50 Brocure from stealer. Actual photos instead of renderings we've seen on the site.

I think I'm hooked. Interesting how they've gone from the least expensive 800cc Suzuki offered to up with the most expensive. Only initial downer is they picture a lot of accessories, but absolutely nothing for the M50. :mrgreen:
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Hey Pinhy, I was at my local Suzuki shop looking at the inventory and they told me they had their first M50 being delivered within the week. Maybe you're getting close.
Midwest and no, not a major city. I'm not joking and just telling you what they told me. Don't have any way to know for sure but can't imagine why they would tell me that if it weren't true. He told me it was currently in Chicago and should be delivered within a couple days. With a little luck you may be on a new ride before Daytona!
Just thought you would want to know what I was told. Hope the info is correct. Let us know when you get the ride.
Nope, not self canceling. I do think the gauges look pretty good they the way they are set up.
Charter cable has a free thing called Mag Rack. It has a bunch of 20 - 30 minute free clips and one of them is called Motorcycle Freedom. They did a review on the C90. Got very good reviews. They did mention that the turn signals are not self cancelling, about the only bad thing they had to say about it. I'm guessing then that would apply to the whole line up.
How many did they have? Was it what you thought it would be when you actually saw it? What kind of OTD price did they offer you. Just my thoughts, but if you liked it, get it. You've had your heart set on it for months now.
Looked at an 05 Honda Spirit. MSRP was $6399 and they offered me OTD for $6100. The M50 lists for $6749. So in theory the OTD price should be around $6500. Don't think that's happening is it. Although, I asked both of my local dealers about them and when they were comming in and was told nobody has even asked about them around here. Still never seen the one that one of the dealers told me was due in any day (two weeks ago).
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