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new m50 owner here!

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Hey hey, just got my m50 black today. I actually haven't rode it yet since I have to put insurance on it tommorow plus I'm only buying a helmet saturday (sale at cycle gear 10% off)...I sold the Arai Corsair I had since it was blue...going with a KBC vr2 this time around. Anyway I'm really happy with my choice so far...just wondering if anyone has any words of advice or any info I might need that's not common knowledge or in the manual. I used to ride an sv650 but sold that last year. It seems sorta weird to have my feet in front of me now instead of slightly back heh heh. Well thing I was curious about is how, if anyone, removed that warning sticker on the tank? I tried and only managed to pull off the clear top but the sticker is really stuck there. Looks like i'll end up covering it with another sticker if nothing else works. I have gum/adhesive remover but I don't want to risk damaging the paint. Any help appreciated!

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Congrats on the bike and good luck on the sticker removal,, that link was a good post,, check it out and enjoy the ride!!!!!!!1
Stickers are meant to stay stuck!!!!

viper94bite said:
Why can't they use the vinyl stickers that just peel off instead of the crappy I'll come off when I want to stickers.
Come on now Ray,,, if you had wanted those stickers to stay on there forever and ever,, and they were peeling off,, or came off too easy then you would be saying "Why can't they make stickers that stay stuck"!!!!! :mrgreen:

I am just glad that the Intruder didn't use stickers except on the warning label on the tank (on the chrome part luckily) and the little Suzuki spelled out on the rear fender at the bottom. The only real thing I have to worry about is getting that Tank emblem removed where I scratched it when I dropped the bike. :oops:

But I'm just kidding with you,,, I know you guys plagued with the stickers are in total shock and disbelief that Suzuki would stick a sticker on a bike and make it where it is supposed to stay stuck and hard to get off!!!! Remember,, at least you got a "Boulevard" paperweight!!!!! :evil:
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Or wait a minute,, maybe you didn't,, my bad,, sorry,, forgot you had an '03 bike,,ooops,,, well at least you have your bell,, right?
Hey Pinhy,, that does look good!!!! Kinda makes me want to make the leap and do that to my 1500,,, but I will order the replacement tank badge that got scratched and see how it looks without one side first. If I like it then I'll take the other off,, if not then I can put the new one back on.
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