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new m50 owner here!

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Hey hey, just got my m50 black today. I actually haven't rode it yet since I have to put insurance on it tommorow plus I'm only buying a helmet saturday (sale at cycle gear 10% off)...I sold the Arai Corsair I had since it was blue...going with a KBC vr2 this time around. Anyway I'm really happy with my choice so far...just wondering if anyone has any words of advice or any info I might need that's not common knowledge or in the manual. I used to ride an sv650 but sold that last year. It seems sorta weird to have my feet in front of me now instead of slightly back heh heh. Well thing I was curious about is how, if anyone, removed that warning sticker on the tank? I tried and only managed to pull off the clear top but the sticker is really stuck there. Looks like i'll end up covering it with another sticker if nothing else works. I have gum/adhesive remover but I don't want to risk damaging the paint. Any help appreciated!

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doh!!! Thanks for the link though Rich! Next time I will use the search function about getting off to a bad start :p oh wells heh heh
Hey guys thanks for the warm welcome! I'll be sure to get pictures as soon as I can (hopefully this weekend if not next week sometime). I managed to get the sticker off after hitting it with wd40 and a very sharp razor blade and deep breathing so i wouldn't slip and scratch the paint haha! Also took off the suzuki sticker on the rear fender. Anyhow when I get off work I'll be removing the m50 and boulevard emblems...not that I don't have pride in who makes the bike/what it is, but my preference on all the vehicles i had/currently own is the clean look with no emblems/stickers.
Well I took my first ride this evening! I was really pumped up about it, heart was racing...I mean it was 8 months since i've ridden so I was a tad nervous. 20 seconds later I was relaxed as could be. I can honestly say the m50 exceeded my expectations BIG time. The looks of it is a given...I swear everyone on the road was looking at me from their cars, pedestrians, people at bus stops. The handling was pretty good...not as nimble or precise as my sv was but for weighing 200 lbs more it does a fine job. I practiced some parking lot low speed manuevers and was more impressed. Riding position is really complaints at all from me. I'm 5'8" 170 and I think it's a perfect fit. I guess the only issue I had was upshifting, as I had my foot tucked way under the shifter and I had to keep sliding my foot out after shifts which was a bit awkward. Finally realized the proper position and just nudging the shifter with the toe only. Oh yeah on the way home a bug (i think) hit my helmet's visor and all I could think of was "I can't believe I was considering an open face...that would have gone right into my eye!"

Another funny thing...I rode through an industrial park and there were a bunch of employees of some company standing outside on the sidewalk (the f.d. was there so something caused an evacuation. Wow did I attract attention...alot of the people looked and smiled and I think I saw a thumbs up too! I just gave a nice little rev to say hi to those hard working people and went merrily on my way. Sure as heck made my night! :mrgreen:
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I just rode near to home in torrance, didn't venture too far since it was my first time out on it. I figured it's mandatory for me to get down the controls on this thing near perfect by practicing in deserted industrial areas at night before hitting the open road with traffic. Worked for me on my old sv so I guess it's the way to go.
Looking sweet there looks just like mine! Hopefully this 3 day wknd I'll get some pictures myself with some scenic background to complement it. Totally agree that without the badging, the bike looks really custom with the blacked out appearance and low stance. As some would say "F-in siccck man" :bluethum:
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