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New Member and New Purchase!

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Hello all,

First I'd like to thank the owners and members of this board for making it a great place to share information. I've been able to learn some valuable info by surfing and decided to register per my recent purchase today! After much consideration, successful completion of my MSF course (100% by the way hehe), and reading review/posts, I purchased a GS500F today from a dealer in the suburbs of chicago. Originally, I was going to go with a Ninja 250 or 500. I wasn't fond of the price or colors on the 500 and the 250, although commented to be a great beginner bike and much bang for the buck, seemed a little shy on the juice. Granted, I am not looking to be a moron and purchase a bike beyond my capabilities, but at the same time, I was looking to be happy with my purchase and found the GS500F to be a combination of both style and affordability. I got an out the door price of 5K even after shopping around, making the fact that I had done my homework known to the dealer, and made things very easy on them by saying this is what I wanted to work with, lets deal quick and easy. Overall, the bike will be in on Friday or Saturday and I'll be riding off the lot. One question comes to mind though. With the new tires, I am a bit concerned with how slick they may be and am wondering if there is something I might do to help get them going short of burning them up for a minute. Is it really that big of a concern? I will be riding around EXTREMELY slow and carefully however.

Thanks again!
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Nice choice for a first bike. If you are interested in meeting other sportbike riders in the chicagoland area, check out People on there have anything from 250 ninjas to liter bikes and even a few cruisers.
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