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. 7 inch monitor. Complete kit. NOT in original packaging.

Will meet in the Houston area. Might be able to ship. Stock image used for listing.

Automatically Turns On When You Go In Reverse

The PEAK 7" Wireless Back-Up Syster Makes Backing Up Safer And Easier. The Wireless, Water-Resistant Camera And 7" LCD Color Monitor Install Quickly And Easily.
Simply Mount The Monitor On Your Windshield Or Dashboard, Mount The Camera To The License Plate And Connect It To The Reverse Light Wiring.

With the advances in camera technology, backup cameras have become a key component of vehicle safety. Providing a view of an area otherwise “out of sight”, the backup cameras help drivers avoid objects and people while going in reverse.
PEAK Auto’s line of backup cameras makes it easy for drivers to add this valuable safety feature to their cars, trucks, and RVs. When considering a backup camera, you will need to decide what size monitor to go with. These range from 3.5” to 7”. When making this decision, consider ease of viewing and placement/space within your vehicle. Your choice may be limited based on the layout of your vehicle’s interior.

Whatever your preference, installing a backup camera in your car, truck or RV is a smart choice and PEAK’s lineup of wireless backup cameras makes it easier than ever.

The PEAK® Wireless Rearview Mirror Back-Up Camera System is a simple way to integrate a backup camera system into your RV, truck or car. The water-resistant color camera attaches to the rear of a vehicle and transmits to an LCD color monitor built into the included rear view mirror using a 2.4 GHz wireless transmitter. The included rear view mirror fits safely over any existing rear view mirror. Wireless backup cameras ensure easy, no-hassle install.

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Who uses a backup camera on their motorcycle ? ;)

We like to keep "for sale" items on here related to bikes.
Otherwise it could get out of hand rather quickly.
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