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New newby, Is Volusia right?

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I've never ridden before but my 2 sons recently got Honda Sport bikes, CBR954 and CBR600RR. I know those bikes are way too hot for a beginner. I want a bike for touring around with some of the guys from work and from time to time riding with my sons. I'm 57 years old but have repeatedly been told its never too late to start riding. I had just about made up my mind to get a Honda Sportster 750 or a Harley 883 when I came across a Volusia 800 at the dealer where I got my sons bike and just about fell in love with it. I'm scheduled to take the motorcycle rider safety course at a local college next week. My question is since I'm 5'8 and just over 200 lbs, is the Volusia 800 a good bike to begin on? Would the intruder 1100 be too much bike. Any ideas? Thanks
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If you weigh 200 pounds a Volusia may be right for you. But if you are going to be riding a passenger and luggage, it may not. You may want to go bigger. I got a volusia and my wife and I did fine around town, but when we went on a trip with luggage, there were some noticeble handling difficulties that a bigger bike could have handled. I've since bought a 1400. Not as comfortable as the Volusia I must say, but plenty of power. The LC 1500 has plenty of power. It's just a bigger version of the Volulsia.
Judging by your weight, if you are not going to be ride two up and carrying a passenger very much, then the Volusia is a good bike.
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