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New Owner :)

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Hey guys I'm new to the site. I recieved the key to a '03 gsx-r600 ( black/silver ) with 2000 miles on it. I got it for $4150. It's my first bike and I love it. It's got a lot of power but i've barely gotten it over 40 mph yet ( still taking trips throught the neighborhood ). I know it's not a bike recommended for new riders, but anything is only as dangerous as the person riding on it. I think it's perfect to learn on because I'm a rather large guy. Anywho, it looks like there are some interesting people on here, anybody from the southeast of the states? i'm from south mississippi.
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heck I got a g1k at the end of my first season. I'm damn near untouchable on the road. Just be careful, you bike goes really well, I just seemed to keep myself right on the edge.
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