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new rider

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hey all!

i just picked up 04 gsxr600 this pass friday and am totally stoked! i'm the black sheep of a family of harley riders :D i was a little hesitant to get gixxer as my first bike cause all of you negative nacy's out there but i'm glad i made the decision i did. i made it passed my break in period in about three days and i'm waiting to get it into the shop for the tune up so i can really open her up :twisted:

would there be any benefit from putting a duel exhaust on this thing?
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i'm still alive :D man these things are fast, i finally got it out of the shop and open'd er up :lol: you totally nailed me on the head with being an "irresponsible" rider. nothing more i enjoy than going 145mph down the interstate and still having power in the throttle :) j/k but seriously, i wish i got the 1000. im still a little cat with the corners but i'm warming up. i can't wait to take it to a track so i don't have to worry bout a drunken cager around the blind corners.

maybe a busa with NOS would be cool
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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