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I got my new rear tire in yesterday, its going this morning to get mounted, and hopefully by the time I get done with work and swimming laps I can have the 'ol girl back up and go break in my new tire.

Here are some shots. I'm replacing the pirelli diablo 150/60r17 with a metzeler m-1 150/60r17.

pirelli and metzeler are made in the same factory, so there isn't much difference except that the metzeler is supposed to handle a bit better in water.

Here are some shots of the metzeler next to the worn out diablo.

Can't you feel spring in the air? (No like I've had any kind of winter)

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I just ate up a set of M-1s running back and forth to work (truck unavailable). THe small amount of twisty exposure that I got with the M1s left me with the impression that they are pretty good tires.

I did, however, have a problem with the profile. Apparently, these tires have a really steep profile, relative to other tires I've used. No matter how hards I tried, I could not get to the edge of that rear M1. I'd lean the bike as far as I could, and I never even got close to the edge. I'm a wuss.

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I use Diablos,found them fine in the wet,and give loads of feedback,so any impending low-side is obvious before it happens.

As for chicken strips,I have none,and the set I used last summer had the blobs hanging off the side where the rubber rolled up,so it is possible to get them to the edge,although the profile is a little different to the Dunlop 208's I had.
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