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Hey guys newbie here,
How is everyone doing?
I am purchasing an 02 SV650s but the motorcycle has not been run in awhile. It has around 1200 miles on it. I am fairly familiar with motors/cars but I know didley when it comes to bikes.
Is there anything I need to do to the bike before I ride it, ie oil change, tune-up, etc...? If so, is there a good place that has instructions?
I work on my cars so I am sure I can figure everything out but I don't know if there are any "secrets" to doing some of the stuff.
Thanks for any advice. Happy riding!!!

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Definately change the oil since you don't know when it was done last. You'll have to remind me whether that bike is injected or not. If not, you may need to open the carbs and clean them up, or at least run dose of Seafoam through the tank.

Make sure you have an owners manual, as it will point out all the mantenance issues. Check the tires for dry rot and proper pressure. Give it a good looking over for loose fasteners and leaks.

Check this out.

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