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I just signed up and have lots of questions, and I hope to answer a few. My relationship with the GSX650F is unique. I have a modified adult go-kart that I am retrofitting a Suzuki GSX650F engine. I am looking for a resource that can answer questions and share ideas, and perhaps share my project.

I would greatly appreciate finding out if there are some 'experts' on the GSX650F, engine in particular, ignition system, mechanical, fuel delivery and system, exhaust, and anything else that we guys usually learn by taking the thing apart to see how it is made to operate. I hope that I made sense.

Now, I have purchased the following so far for my project. If anyone knows of anything else I am going to need to start my engine and get it to operating, please share. I take the position that there are no silly questions, stupid comments, or people lacking in intelligence. I am not too familiar with this motorcycle, so I will need folks who do know about it.

2008 GSX650F engine with generator and starter
Coils/Plug boots combination
Main Wiring Harness
Sub Wiring for carbs came with the carbs
Gauge Cluster
Clutch (handlebar) cable and cover for engine

I am hoping that a gifted person is here can help me identify other items that I will need to start it up. Thanks in advance

I am in Houston Texas, so anyone in the region can reach out to me. I need parts, so anyone having any can send me a message. I need the rear brake set up, so if anyone has one, let me know.

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I've had visions of doing something like that for YEARS, just never had the guts to tackle it.

Are there any stock car (dirt) tracks near you ?

There is a dirt racing class that is basically a go-cart with a body and they use 600 to 750 motorcycle engines.
I don't remember exactly what they are called' mini-sprints maybe.

If you can contact a track or two, they might be able to put in touch with people who build them and they probably could give you a WORLD of good advice.

I hope you have a sturdy frame to start with.
A bike engine might turn a real go-cart frame into a pretzel fairly quickly.
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