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New to the MX sport, and loving it

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Hey everyone just thought id introduce my self i have been lurking around for some time. any way i just started riding last year, and a few days ago i picked up my second bike, the 2 bikes i ride are both Suzuki RM 250s. my bro and i learned to ride on the first bike pictured here here , the first bike, the new bike i just bought is the one in the back,

This is the second one i just bought, i just changed out to pro taper handel bars, it has a FMF silencer and im lookng to get the FMF fatty to go with it. the other bike the one in the first photo has Bills pipe and silencer, the head has been milled down, and it has a bigger bore wiseco piston, this bike hauls ***, has renthal handlebars and Regina chain. im looking to learn alot about these this sport and these bikes, so let me know what u guys think. thanks. :smile:
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Nice toys! :bluethum:

:welcomes: :biker:
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