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New Years Day Ride!

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Just got back from a 350 mile Polar Bear Run with my Southern Cruisers Club. Started out of Decatur at 6:45 this morning with three bikes, left Loganville at 8:30 with 31, and then picked up other chapters on the way. Ended up with 125 or so bikes by lunch time. It was chilly and foggy this morning, but turned into a nice 71-degree sunny day. What a great way to start the New Year: a great ride on a great day with great friends (old and new)!
Next weekend: Asheville, NC. Savannah GA the weekends after that, and then Pensacola FL the weekend after that. Man, I LOVE living in the South! I have put 7000 miles on my bike just since October.
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Eeeeek! Florida? I lived there for 7 years...worst place I ever rode! Never did find a curve...
The North Georgia mountains, Tennessee, and the Carolinas are the place to ride!
Actually, I lived in Winter Garden and worked at Disney, so I used to ride down 535 to work, and take a spin up 455 at least twice a week. It helped keep me sane...well, as sane as I get. But on a scale of 1-10, it is a 2.5 at best. But seeing how the rest of the area is a firm 1, 455 is about as good as it gets around there. But on the plus side, at least you can take your helmet off when it is 100 degrees, something you can't do in Georgia.
Very pretty farm land in Marion County (Ocala)- lots of great horse country (my other ride). Ride up that way for a weekend if you get the chance. But for some real fun, pop up here and I'll take you up in the mountains.
See attached pic, taken yesterday on a ride with a friend. His is the 1500LC, and that's one of my VS800s, parked up on Burnt Mountain, elevation 7500 feet.

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Yup, there are some sweet roads out in SoCal! I will be back either this fall or next summer...
Ahhh yes, there is certainly something to be said for beaches and palm trees...
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