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New Years Day Ride!

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Just got back from a 350 mile Polar Bear Run with my Southern Cruisers Club. Started out of Decatur at 6:45 this morning with three bikes, left Loganville at 8:30 with 31, and then picked up other chapters on the way. Ended up with 125 or so bikes by lunch time. It was chilly and foggy this morning, but turned into a nice 71-degree sunny day. What a great way to start the New Year: a great ride on a great day with great friends (old and new)!
Next weekend: Asheville, NC. Savannah GA the weekends after that, and then Pensacola FL the weekend after that. Man, I LOVE living in the South! I have put 7000 miles on my bike just since October.
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RowdyRed94 said:
Doing anything for a long period gets boring
Does that apply to marriage :wink: :twisted:

Sorry nexus, I think SoCal wins over florida for riding based on an extremely objective and scientific analysis using the many photos you kindly provided ;-) I didn't see enough cambered curves!

I got like 30 or so miles of curves and mountains about 10-15 minuts from my home. I live in the middle of a city too. :) Basically I leave and take two lane roads all the way to mexico then back again. Good for a short trip to get your fix. One of the few things I like about San Diego or California for that matter. Now if only I knew how to ride good...
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