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Newbie c50 owner

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I just made a deposit on a 2005 C50; I looked at the other brands Honda, Kawi and Yahmmy. After looking and comparing features, styling and bang for the buck the C50 was in my mind, anyway the stand out in the crowd. I wanted FI, Shaft drive, Heel toe shifting, Liquid cooling and front and rear Disc brakes (oh well nothing is perfect). The C90 was too top heavy for me in weight and price + higher insurance premiums. I am looking for some input on any one's experience with this bike, Pros and Cons. I have been out of the sport for about 10 Years. My first bike was an 85 GS 550L (nice entry level ride). I walked out the door with this one for $7400 with a C50t windshield, extended warranty (4 years), sales tax 6%, tag and title and setup. How did I do?
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Sounds like you did well.

I and it seems like just about everyone else around here loves their C50.
You really did pick the right bike in this class.
I felt the same way about the C90. Too heavy. Only has about 8-10 more HP, so I'm told.

After a few miles, the back break is fine, but the C50 should have a dual disk in front. I may look for a mod.
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