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Hi folks!

I suppose I'm really a returnee as I had a kawasaki 90cc trail bike back in the misty past (1970-72). Unfortunately I've forgotten just about everything useful from those days!

I don't have my motorcycle license yet but am signed up for the Motorcycle Safety Course at my local community college. I'm scheduled for 8/15- 8/17 but have been told that if I 'show up' each Friday pm as a 'standby' then they'll take me right in if there's a no-show.

After a lot of research and conversations with friends etc I bought a used
(2006) Suzuki GZ250 as a starter bike. My plan is to use it for 6-12 months to develop some basic riding skills then sell it and get something a little larger that I can take on trips, on the interstate etc.

I'm here in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains and am looking forward to exploring the countryside on a bike!

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HOWDY " :welcomes: " NEIGHBOR

Oh what a great trip!!!



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