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Newbie questions

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Hi, i just joined this site, and i'm getting a bike soon. But i need to know some stuff. They're gonna be obvious questions to you guys but since im new and i don't know much i would appreciate it if you helped me out.
1. I'm getting a bike, i want a sport bike, but don't wanna kill myself on insurance, i was thinking katana, are there any other sport bikes that have lower insurance?
2. I was wondering, would getting an atv (manual of course) be fine to practice on?
im not sure if i have other questions but if you could answer these i'd would really appreciate it. :D
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Pay_The_O said:
how much is insurance for the gs500f? i hope its not like the gsxr's or cbrs lol
Depends on your driving record, number of years having a motorcycle license, insurance company, and the state usually determines most of the cost. Cali is expensive, Wyoming is cheaper kinda thing.
Well, call and find out then.
Pay_The_O said:
whats their number?
Find out their number using the net, Duh. If you're not going to be licensed when you take delivery, find a friend with a truck or trailer and get it home that way. Nothing worse than buying a new bike and not riding it because the police took it, or you crash it from lack of experience. Consider yourself warned.
Well how do you plan on getting it home from the stealership? You can't teleport yet.
1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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