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newbie questions

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hi ive read alot about bikes and im really interested in them, and i think i am going to get one. my dad has had 1 when he was earlier, but did not ride so much but he gave me the go ahead to get one.

i am planing to take the msf course as soon as it gets warm, im in nyc, bit chillly as of late.

i am wondering is is like riding a bicycles? cuz i like bicycles =]

and well from the forums on this site and others ive read that a 500cc bike like the gs500 would be good to start out on, or maybe even a bandit. i dont have much money as im only 18, so im going to get one used.

it would be greatly appreciated if anyone would give me sum good advice in looking for a used bike like the gs500 for maybe under 3000, like maybe which years are good.

and also, should i get all that leather, it seems a bit expensive and id rather put it into the bike.

thx =]
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I was also looking seriously at the GS500 for a first bike. Most experienced riders I know confirmed that it was a good choice for a first. I just wanted to chime in that the key to finding the bike you are looking for in your price range is patience. I recently saw a 98 GS500 with only 4K miles on it, and the guy was only asking $2300 for it. I probably could have landed it for 2 G's and it was in immaculate condition. My point, you just have to do your homework and learn what the market is for a particular bike and what you would pay for one. Be sure to check out and definitely post to a few forums. Some might advise against buying from a dealership, but I figure as long as you are willing to stand firm on what you have to spend, you might just land the deal you are looking for. It worked for me and I couldn't be happier. Never forget that there are a TON of people out there that bought a bike on an impulse and then woke up one day a year later and realized they really didn't ride it that much, and they are more than happy to part with it for half of what they paid for it originally. Keep you're eyes open. Patience Ducky-san. That's the key.

Adam C.
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