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Newbie that wants a 600

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I'm 6ft. 245, muscular build and I would like to know if a GSXR 600 would be a good choice or should I stick with a Kat 600 for my start, money is not an issue but I still don't want to drop the bike
I need some input guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Unbelievable how many first-time internet users show up around here. :roll: Unbelievable how often I use the :roll: emoticon. :roll:

gsxkatanajt, you've undoubtedly seen what repeated clicking of the 'submit' button does. Also, lower case letters exist because of their relative ease of legibility. Thanks.
bankerboy74 said:
...and I have had it up to 160 don't tell the cops....600 with a few mods will keep up with any 750.

Motorcycle speedos are notoriously overspun. 160 indicated is likely about 140-145 actual. And you just told the cops, so we don't have to. :wink:
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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