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NewBie to the StreetScene

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Hey everybody, Chase here from B.C. Canada. Just chekin the net cuz i just bought my first bike yesterday. 1997 GSX-R600. Im 19, 6'2 200bls. and have experience with dirtbikes, and bikes in general but this is really my first Streetbike.
Took it for a little rip yesterday and was and still am amped . Needless to say, im stoked about it. My Rugby mate gave it to me for $3300 cnd wish is a killer deal because hes got to many toys and wants an 04-750
Was chekin out this site, and sounds like a good home!
Could anyone point me in a direction where i might be able to download a manual for my bike? Or could i pick one up at a dealer? $?
Also, whats proper operating temp for a bike? Im having to start and warm it up with the choke on for 5-10mins @bout 80 degrees and it still stalls when i turn the choke off? Should it run at like 100'?
Got other q's bout fairing mods etc, but ill drop a line in the mechanics forum.
Sorry for the long intro, and Hopefully Ill learn a lot here over winter!
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i live in the uk its always cold here and my bike always starts without the need of the choke so you carbs prob will need looking at, unless of course your making the school boy error of having the kickstand down as you put it in gear, but it dont sound like your doing that
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