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NewBie to the StreetScene

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Hey everybody, Chase here from B.C. Canada. Just chekin the net cuz i just bought my first bike yesterday. 1997 GSX-R600. Im 19, 6'2 200bls. and have experience with dirtbikes, and bikes in general but this is really my first Streetbike.
Took it for a little rip yesterday and was and still am amped . Needless to say, im stoked about it. My Rugby mate gave it to me for $3300 cnd wish is a killer deal because hes got to many toys and wants an 04-750
Was chekin out this site, and sounds like a good home!
Could anyone point me in a direction where i might be able to download a manual for my bike? Or could i pick one up at a dealer? $?
Also, whats proper operating temp for a bike? Im having to start and warm it up with the choke on for 5-10mins @bout 80 degrees and it still stalls when i turn the choke off? Should it run at like 100'?
Got other q's bout fairing mods etc, but ill drop a line in the mechanics forum.
Sorry for the long intro, and Hopefully Ill learn a lot here over winter!
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Shouldn't have to run that long with the choke on. Sounds like the carbs need a cleaning. She's runnin' lean.
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