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Hey all. I saw a reference to this forum so I decided to head over and check it out. Looks like lots of good info to be had. Look forward to the conversations.
MY BIKE: K5 600


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Welcome Tigern.

Where did the sticker come from?

As a retired submarine A-ganger, I too feel the loss....

Was he a friend? Were you on the San Fran?

Could you get me a sticker like that? I would pay the costs.


Rich J

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Thanks guys. The sticker behind the seat is the stealership sticker "Cycles Plus." As far as the other sticker goes I have transfered from the sub so not much chance. They were kind of a crew and family thing anyway.

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Kehau D. said:
If they'd make gixxer's for people under 5' tall, I'd be joining over to your side!

Class: 37 cc
Cylinders: 1
Strokes: 2
Displacement: 39 ccs
Cooling: Air
Speeds: 1
Transmission: Automatic
Bore: 36 mm
Stroke: 39 mm
Brake H.P. @ RPM: 3,5 [email protected]
Compression: 9 to 1
Type of Ignition: Electronic
Starter: Pull Cord
Max Speed: 37 mph
Dry Weight: 43 lbs
Payload: 242 lbs
Length: 37 in
Width: 19 in
Overall Height: 20 in
Seat Height: 16 in
Wheel Base: 25 in
Front Tire: 90 / 66-6.6 ? X in
Rear Tire: 100 / 66-6.1 ? X in
Front Brake: Disc
Rear Brake: Disc
Fuel Consumption: N/A mi / gal

The Blata 2.5 series bike has a 3.5 HP air cooled engine, travels up to 30 MPH, and is available in several replica paint schemes. The Blata 2.5 is an excellent children’s race bike and can be used by adults for riding around the pits, the neighborhood, or tooling around with friends.

:wink: :wink:

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LoL Trapper, you are too funny! Actually, I did find a 110cc pocket bike racer for about $600 and I am so tempted. Let's see how much $$$ I come back with after my week in Tahoe next month.
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