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Normal bike temp

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Quick question,

what's the hottest you have seen you GSXR-600 get?

Mine reached 217 while idling in the garage (after I got home from a easy, short trip). The manual says anything above 250 to turn off the bike and let it cool off. Up until today, the most I had seen was 186F. I don't believe I have a problem but wondering what everybody else is running at?

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I always roll my bike out of the garage & perform T-CLOCKS. When I start it, I let the engine temp reach 184 before I even consider touching the throttle.

Once I see 184, I'm out! No need to let it run just to hear the engine :lol: .

While cruising neighborhoods my temp has a tendency to go above 215. At this point, I exit the neighborhood, find a nice straight-a-way & ride at speeds that will drop it down to the below 200 range.

That's just my .2cents worth. Hope it helps. By the way, the manual states that the display will show "-----" if the temp is below 68 & if it reaches 284 a red light will flash & if it stays above 284 the red light will remain constant meaning that you should definitely pull over & cool that bad boy down.
Correction: Above entry should state "T-CLOCK!"
Spoke w/repairman today during my bike's 1st service. I asked him about letting my engine warm up to 184 before riding & he told me that I was letting it sit too long. He said that the Gixxer I have ('04 GSX-R600) doesn't require the engine to be HOT to run good. He said that as soon as the engine smooths out after you start it you can RIDE.

Also, he said that after its been sitting for a few days you might wanna sit on it & bounce it a few times to loosen any debris along the forks & a few critical areas I don't recall at the moment :oops: .

1 - 3 of 26 Posts
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