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Odd question

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Ok, I've seen a ton of threads about people saying "I want a new Gixxer 600, tell me how to do it" and everyone else goes on about how powerfull they are and they are for experience riders, and i agree with ALL of it. Now, on to my question.

If GSX600R's are so damn fast and powerfull, why would ANYONE need or want a 750 or a 1000?

I'm just curious. Was thinking about it the other day when i saw a GSX600R go rippin past me on the freeway. luckily the guy was in full gear.
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the 600cc class is the most popular class of sportbikes on the market today, it has been for quite sometime.. its a relatively affordable bike ( and prices are inching closer to that 10,000 mark each year), they quick, lightweight, fast, not as bad in insurance rates, (in general but that varies of course).

People who want an all around great sportbike, but dont want a liter bike, have a wide selection to choose from these days.
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