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Off on 4000-mile bike trip!

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I am heading out tomorrow night on another trip on my Intruder vs800, this time a long one! I will be shooting across town, then heading out Thursday morning for a rally in Paducah, KY, for four days of fun, riding, and beer drinking. Then I am off to Illinois for a day, then over to Pittsburg, PA, for a day, and then off to New Hampshire for a couple days. Then its back down the East Coast to Virginia, then down I-85 to Atlanta. I will hit 21 states and cover a little over 4000 miles in the next 14 days!!
Wahoo! Can't wait to see my friends at the rally, then see the fall color up in New England, new York, PA, etc.
When I get back my plate is due, and I will have turned over 14,000 miles over the last 12 months.

Wish me luck and pray for 'no rain!' ;)
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Good luck and no rain! 8)

I'm extremely envious and will plan my vacations better next year...
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