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Off to Road America!!!

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i'm heading off to road america!!! to see some 200MPH action!!!

i will be posting the pics from this great time that i will be having so you guys
have fun watching it on t.v. !!!!

:biker: :cheers: :mrgreen:
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I agree... it was a amazing weekend....
though it was no suprize to se miladen leading by the end of the first lap on sun...
but sat sucked, stupid rain....
did U ride the track with the mob of gixxers?
to crouded IMO..
they let any one with a gixxer ride the track for FREE!!!!!
I stayed @ the very end and actually took the lines of the track so it was fun for me.... but it really sucked otherwise, to many ****ing people... (the official count was like 485 bikes.....
it rained sat for like 3 hours off and on.... and that was about it... .
the wind picked up sun am (like 3am) and I saw some tents rolling down the roads with some drunk people chasing (sp) em.... that was prolly the funniest thing that I have ever seen...

it was definatly worth it.....
1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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