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Off to Road America!!!

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i'm heading off to road america!!! to see some 200MPH action!!!

i will be posting the pics from this great time that i will be having so you guys
have fun watching it on t.v. !!!!

:biker: :cheers: :mrgreen:
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sorry but nothing beats a bike flying by you at 175 mph and blowing the smell of race gas in the air.... and meeting ALL of the racers... i watched the formula extreme race with ben spies his realy cool guy... with him i mean standing 5 fett behind him watching his pit tv!!! mat is a cool guy along with the hayden bros....
ctx46 said:
I agree... it was a amazing weekend....
though it was no suprize to se miladen leading by the end of the first lap on sun...
but sat sucked, stupid rain....
did U ride the track with the mob of gixxers?
to crouded IMO..

no i still have not got my 600 for it has yet to get to my dealership... i left on saturday because they were predicting rain and thunder storms so we left after the formula extreme race... i wanted to be on the track but that didn't happen!!!! :roll:
it is worth the trip!!!
pics will be on here after work today!!!,ren:s,1:f,0

well here you go it's not that many because i took alot of racing on the track and they didn't turn out that good!!! so some may not be work safe... it's chicks in not much clothes so don't get any ideas !!!!
1 - 6 of 18 Posts
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