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Off to Road America!!!

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i'm heading off to road america!!! to see some 200MPH action!!!

i will be posting the pics from this great time that i will be having so you guys
have fun watching it on t.v. !!!!

:biker: :cheers: :mrgreen:
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Scourge said:
Enjoy dude. For my money though, most sporting events are better on TV. Sure you miss the excitement of being there in the crowd, but you typically have a much better vantage point w/ five or more camera's covering the action. NOT to mention, no lines for the bathroom, and the beer is much cheaper from the fridge.
[Angelic Choir] Haaaaaaaa-lelujah.
ctx46 said:
did U ride the track with the mob of gixxers?
to crouded IMO..
You mean they let the squids ride the track, like they let little kids skate after the hockey game? Ugh. :roll:
1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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