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Hi all,

I just bought my 2011 ninja 650r a couple months ago. It was about time for an oil change so I thought to myself, how hard can that be? Well... My oil looks like toxic sludge and the bike is leaking from the exhaust and I'm super freaked out.

I love the bike and am having a blast riding, but this looks serious :( and I really don't have money for a mechanic...

Here's what I did:

I took off the oil filter
I put on new H&B? 303 (I remember it's 303 and has a built in screw to help screw and unscrew it in) oil filter (lubed with some oil).

I accidentally took off the screw on the left side of the bike (and it was so stuck I actually broke my first bit taking it off lol... and then realized it wasn't the oil screw and put it back on... Pic below it's the screw with the gold ish ring at the base )

Took off actual oil drain screw and drained it, all black oil

Put about 2.5 pints of oil in (pic provided 10w40)

Put bike upright and it looked like nice clean clear oil right in the zone for full oil

I also had a radiator leak so I then removed the rad
Took off all the piping and then unscrewed the fan
I drained the coolant at this point since there was no stopping it
Fixed the leak
Replaced the rad
Put coolant in it (pic provided) non silicone coolant
waited about 1 hour for it to fill the radiator, then put more in the coolant reservoir

Turned bike on and it started smoking and my oil looks like sludge (pic)
Dripping oil from my exhaust :///

Halp? I'm hoping it's just like radiator fluid sneaking in from my mistake screw but then why would the oil not look muddy before I started the bike? Any ideas or insight?


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The news isn't good.

I fear that during your radiator "fix" you managed to damage the head gasket......which is letting coolant into the crankcase.
It NEEDS to be towed to a shop for proper diagnosis.
It should NOT be run anymore like it is. NONE.

And NOW would be a good time to start saving up for what might be a $500 repair bill.

P.S. Some oil turns black naturally; that is not necessarily a sign of anything wrong.

You put in the wrong oil.
Automotive oils (many but not all) are likely to make the clutch slip. You should use oil approved for bike use.

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I'm also going to throw in my opinion, that oil doesn't even look like the right color.
I wish i could help you out with the leak though.
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